Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday FUN!

We had another FUN weekend! On Saturday we spent the day by first doing the chores, and then Lisa and kids came to play! We had a yummy lunch, and then the kids went outside to play in the water and mud. Lisa & I went to my office to play! We got some pages done in our books, and mostly contemplated life! It was so relaxing! Then we headed outside armed with a shovel and some boxes! Yep, Lisa dug up a bunch of perennial flowers.... I have tons to share, come a get 'em! We spent lots of time visiting about her flower plans, and she is so excited for next spring. I am too. I love to see the fruits of my labor... and I am sure Lisa will too.
On Sunday, we went to the ponds at the Fort to fish for Ty Chaseks 10th Birday celebration. It was a great time, and the boys just love to play with each other! Andy said on the way home, "I had a horribly fun time with those guys!" I guess that was the best time he ever had! I enjoyed myself,too. Got to visit with Jennifer and Celeste, and I miss them from baseball.... We are excited for the upcoming flag-football league!!!! YEA! We just love to cheer our guys on!
Then we saw the Victory's fishing, and Megan ran off with Miss Kami. She love her best friend! And then later Mr. Preston and parents were there. AND Justin caught a huge bass! All of the kids thought that was the coolest thing! We were all amazed! What a wonderful day we had! YEA! (Except our Daddy-O had to go to work and missed it all, darn it!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friendship poem...

(THANK YOU my dearest Lisa for this lovely poem. And my Dearest Trish, thank YOU for lending me you ear.....I love ya!)

None of that 'Sis'-sy Stuff...

Are you tired of those
sissy 'friendship' poems
that always sound good,
but never actually come close
to reality?
Well, here is a series of promises that
actually speak of
True Friendship.
You WON'T see
cutesy little smiley faces
on this card-
Just the stone cold truth
of our great friendship.

1. When you are sad,
I will jump on the person
who made you sad
like a spider monkey
jacked up on Starbucks!!!

2. When you are blue,
I will try to dislodge
whatever is choking you.

3. When you smile,
I will know you are
plotting something naughty
that I must be involved in.

4. When you're scared,
we will high tail it out of here.

5. When you are worried,
I will tell you horrible stories about how much
worse it could be until you
quit whining, ya big baby!!!!

6. When you are confused,
I will use little words.

7. When you are sick,
Stay away from me
until you are well again.
I don't want whatever you have.

8. When you fall,
I'll pick you up
and dust you off--
After I laugh my butt off!!

This is my oath...
I pledge it to the end.
'Why?' you may ask;
-- because you are my FRIEND!
Friendship is like peeing your pants,
everyone can see it,
but only YOU
can feel the
true warmth.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

YEA! It's Thursday!

(Beautiful RED apples on our crabapples out front.... love that color of RED!)

AND, I get my hair cut today by MIss Lori! WHOOOO HOOO! LOVE IT!

AND I get to spend some one on one time with Mr. Matt!

AND my bee sting is finally getting better.....OUCH-Y!

AND my hubby will be home soon.... we miss him horribly!

AND my pal Miss Kim came to visit last night.... gosh I missed her horribly!

AND Meggie and I are going to Sbluff tomorrow for a back Dr. appt. ..

AND we get to go shopping without boys!

AND we get to see our precious Trish!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lots of Words Wednesday!

(Funny Sunflower I forgot I planted)

You would learn stuff like..... When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.
Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.
When it's in your best interest -- practice obedience.
Let others know when they've invaded your territory.
Take naps and stretch before rising.
Run, romp, and play daily.
Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
Avoid biting, when a simple growl will do.
On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.
On hot days, drink lots of water and lay under a shady tree.
When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.
No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and pout... run right back and make friends.
Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
Eat with gusto and enthusiasm. Stop when you have had enough.
Be loyal.
Never pretend to be something you're not.
If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.
When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A SeConD OpiNiOn..& A Birthday greeting!

(Happy, Happy Birthday to one of my bestest pal on this earth! LOVE YA)

Okay, I am headed to S.bluff to see a Spinal Dr. on Friday. Hopefully, he can figure out a way that I don't have to live on Advil everyday of my life..... it is a shitty life to live!

And, school is going great for the kids. Although Andy is convinced that his teacher dislikes him already... we will see. Matt is flourishing in his 2nd grade year and has no complaints yet. And of course Meggie loves pre-K.

Today, Jeffey and I headed to Chadron to pick up some supplies, and we had a flat tire on Yukie (yukon). No big deal, huh? WRONG! This thing has some fancy rims on it with some funky lug nuts! And no matter how hard Jeffey tried with the wienie lug wrench, two of the lugs would NOT come off! So, we called our fairy god-mom, Jess. She saved the day with hauling us home so that we could fetch our car-trailer and pickup! YEA! THANKS HON! Hope ya had a wonderful day! Anyhow, we got the Yukie to Chadron, and Jason is going to try to fix it, maybe by cutting and prying that damn thing!

Anyhow, off to the great outdoors for me, it is a beautiful night and the kids are getting into something....... take care

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Rodeo Nebraska

Miranda Jean, Papa, Miss Amy Amack, Gma, Megan Marie- Dawes County Fair 2009

Well, here I sit with my allergies getting the best of me!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS to Angie and Justin----Baby on the way!!! YEA!
Have a great day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

WhEw!~ I am tired and sick....

This weekend I went to T-town to help my heart-sister Trish make her sis's wedding invites. Boy, it was rough, but FUN! It was a challenge at times with the printer, but Tracey (Trish's hubby) made it work! YEA! I also had a heart warming visit with Tracey.... he told me of a story about locking his keys in his vehicle in the middle of nowhere with his boys. It made me think..... about my own situation with life, work and money. We sometimes are MADE to stop and smell the flowers! That higher power has the controls, and puts us on pause! YEA! I get it! Thanks so much Trace! AND you made a mean, yummy burger, too. "Your a great Kitchen Bitch!" AND, Trish, you are a lucky woman!
THANK YOU to our "fairy family" Jess & Jason for keeping our kiddos so that I could help Trish. They had a FANTASTIC time and were EXHAUSTED when we got home last night.... went to bed at 8:00! WHEW! YoU are the best!
Well, today I am suffering with the allergies. My head feels that it will explode, and I have a sore throat, and tiredness! YUCK! Good thing my man was home to keep an eye on the the kiddies, so I could close mine!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

And it's the last HOORAH!

My blessed fairy god parents- Jess & Jason are taking the kiddos today and overnight tonight! WHHOOOO! HOO!!!! I am headed to T-town to see my beloved Trish and help her with her sisters wedding invitations. SO, we are gone......gone..... gone! YEA!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

About last night....

The kids decided to get the tent out and sleep out in it last night..... too bumpy and uncomfortable for us "old FARTS". SO, the set out in their pj's and their sleeping bags and blankets.... Meggie was the first and only one to come in. The boys stayed there all night! In fact, Andy didn't get up until about 8:15 this morning, after being poked and prodded to get up by Miss Meggie. They wanted to go fishing this morn, and thought that Andy wanted to go too. BUT, he did not, he'd rather stay home and play baseball or football with Nick.... FUNNY kids.
So, Matt & Meg are with Jeffey to fish. YIPPEEE! I am headed to the shower, as my allergies are about to make my head explode with snot and teary eyes! Then the Rockies play at 1:00.... good thing, in the heat of the day. Supposed to be 100 degrees today. Matt and I have to run to Chadron for his therapy appointment @ 2:00. UGH! TOOOOO FREAKING HOT! The pool will be a must today! Have a great day! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Get up and........

SHAKE your BOOT-ie!
p.s. Be sure to turn up your speakers first! Tee Hee!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

See the light...

No matter what situations life throws at you...
No matter how long and treacherous your journey may seem..
Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fair pics....

We are so proud of our Fairy God-Family, The Blundells! They really did great things at the fair this year! WHOOOO HOOOOOO! We love the fair, too. I did as a kid, too. We always had a thousand of entries in rocketry, cookies, cakes, breads, cake decorating, several sewing projects, and every kind of garden produce on the planet! It was always fun trying to find 6 green beans that were perfect in size and shape to match each other! TEE HEE! And we had sheep a few years, too. What great fun we had! I loved it! AND I intend to have my kiddo's do the same next year..... Way to go Leibbrandts, too. They sure put lots of time and energy into the fair. WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO! THANK YOU!

Also, we love to visit with everyone we haven't seen for quite some time. It was wonderful! AND I had the best piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie on the PLANET!!! Made by Miss Jennifer C. @ their Chickwagon. Oops, chuckwagon! Tee HEE! Way to GO Girlie!
Also, in our news, is nothing...... counting down to school starting! YUCK & YEA! Our kids have different feelings this year. BUT, We are positive that all will go well.... pray for us!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The diagnosis....

(Mom's hibiscus is GORGEOUS this year!)

Low back pain - a common condition, can be caused by lumbar sprain, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, and different degenerative spinal disorders. The topic of today's discussion is discogenic low back pain; a degenerative condition. The term discogenic pain means one or more intervertebral discs are the pain source.
Symptoms of Discogenic Low Back Pain
As we age, our bodies undergo many changes. For example, our hair may begin to turn gray or thin. Similar gradual changes affect the spine's structures, notably the intervertebral discs. Early disc degeneration may not cause severe pain or other symptoms, but when the degeneration becomes advanced low back pain may occur.

Typically, discogenic pain is associated with activities that increase the pressure within the intervertebral disc (called intradiscal pressure). Sitting, bending forward, coughing and sneezing can increase low back discogenic pain. Leg pain caused by pinching of the nerves in the low back (called radiculopathy) may also accompany low back discogenic pain; especially while sitting, standing or walking. Discogenic low back pain is usually a chronic disorder.

How Discs Cause Pain
Just like other parts of the body, each intervertebral disc has a nerve supply. Discs are comprised of two parts; the annulus fibrosus (outer ring-like structure) and nucleus pulposus (gel-like interior). The nucleus pulposus is void of nerves. However, the outer third of the annulus fibrosus contains nerve fibers.

One type of discogenic disorder is called an Internal Disc Disruption (IDD). An IDD occurs when the disc tears or cracks (fissure) allowing the nucleus pulposus to meet the annulus fibrosus. When this happens, a chemical called a protecogylcan may be released from the nucleus pulposus. Protecoglycans may irritate the annular nerves causing an inflammatory response and pain. For unknown reasons, some people have annular tears and yet are symptom free!

Diagnosing Low Back Discogenic Pain
Degenerative disc changes can best be seen on MRI.

If one or more spinal discs are suspected as the pain source, the doctor may order a provocative discogram or discography. During this sterile procedure, the suspect discs are injected with a contrast dye to make each disc visible under fluoroscopy. Provocative discography helps the doctor to see the shape and size of the intervertebral disc. The injection of the contrast dye alters the pressure within the disc and may 'provoke' or reproduce the patient's pain pattern; thereby helping to isolate a particular disc as a pain generator.

Non-Surgical Treatments
There are many different types of treatment to help relieve low back and leg pain. Often, treatments are combined for better symptom control or relief.

Medication: anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants, opioids.

Physical Therapy: passive therapies such as ultrasound, transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS), and massage may be combined with a disciplined program of stretching and strengthening exercise. Core strengthening (strengthening of the abdominal and low back muscles) is often helpful in relieving pain from degenerative disc disease. When the muscles around the disc become stronger, they may shield the disc from loads and may reduce pain.

Spinal Injections: local anesthetics combined with long-acting corticosteroid injections. This medication combination may be injected into the facet joints or around the nerves of the back to help reduce back pain and radicular leg pain.

Bracing: braces (orthoses) help support the back and limit movement that may provoke painful episodes. Rarely is bracing a long-term treatment for back pain. Long-term bracing may lead to weakened back and abdominal muscles which may provoke muscle spasm.

Alternative Therapies: acupuncture, hydrotherapy and magnet therapy.

Lifestyle Modification: dieting to reach a more 'back friendly' body weight, smoking cessation, and physical activity help maintain a healthy spine.

Minimally Invasive Procedures
Many different spine surgical procedures can be performed using minimally invasive techniques. For example, spine surgeons use such techniques to treat herniated discs, correct scoliosis, and perform spinal fusion. The benefits to the patient are enormous and include smaller incisions, shorter time hospitalized, less post-operative pain, and a speedier recovery. Spinal fusions may alleviate disc related back pain by replacing the disc with bone and cages. Recently, artificial lumbar discs have become another option to replace degenerated discs.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We re headed 2 the fair 4 some tough truck fun! GO JASON & HALEY!

My favs.