Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Big 10!"

Yep, Andrew Jay turned the beig 10 on Friday!  Can you believe it? 
Nope, me either.... nor does Daddy-O!  We can remember so vividly his birth-day!

Andy, We love YOU so much!
Happy Birthday to our first baby, the little Husker, Rockies Fan, talented baseball shortstop & pitcher.... the kid who makes friends wherever he goes, and makes friends of his foe....  My sweet little boy who promised me that he would hold my hand and go to lunch with me on his birthday when he turns 20!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

JUNE just flew there goes July!

Okay, June was completely obliterated!!!! By, practice and ect.....
I need to rewind it...
-Matt had his first homerun!
-Andy hit left-handed (switch hitter) most of the season, and had 15 or so homers in the Minor League!
-Meggie loved t-ball, and seemed to really get it, mostly from her personal coach & brother Andy....
-Matt's Minors won 2nd place in the Tourney.
-Andy's Majors won their only game to get them 3rd in the Tourney.
-I had a great time watching the kiddos play ball.... love it, and love to take photos and cheer for them! 
-I took the camper(drove it myself!), to Fur Trade Days and camped out at the Blundell's street (thank you for all your help Fairy family!).  We had a fabulous time camping and playing together!  Made plans to do that every year.  And I found out that I AM CAPABLE of pulling the camper and setting it up!
-Had a wonderful 4th O' July, we celebrated with family & friends.  Rodeo, fireworks, BBQ,pig wrestling, cocktails, late nights, and bug spray.....What a great time!
-We have had a great time with Lisette, showing her the simple, country life..... and teaching her......
-Now, we are planning a big camping trip to the lake.... can't wait.... all work and no play-YUCKY!
-Fire season is upon us, don't much like that our loved ones are risking everything for us, but someone has to step up for us.... Thank YOU firemen!
-It's a great year for weeds....wanna come help me pull them?  I can't keep up! :o)
-Meggie is napping now, and I am thinking the same.  Pool sunburn isn't very lovely....
Have a great day!

My favs.