Monday, August 30, 2010

Band-Aid Girly

Megs had a big wreck on her little purple princess bike last night... she was doing some "trick" riding and tried to ride up the curb... it bucked her off!  Daddy-O came to the rescue!  Yea!  BUT, we didin't have any large band-aids.  Until we went to Wally World today, where we got some super large ones.  BUT, they did NOT have princesses on them!  So, I gave in and got the princess ones (never had fancy band-aids) as well as the super-dooper-large ones....  We didn't even get out of the store before she started putting them on!
Tee Hee!  So much fun having a girly-girl! Love ya Megs, sorry you got some nasty road rash!

My favs.