Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DARN IT!!!!!!!!!


Yep, I am home.... My Mom got the crud and is sick! DAMN! I sure wanted to go to Rapid. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day. I sure am eager to get to Hobby Lobby. They have some sales on the stuff I need! Geeze! Yes, I am okay. I will make it. Take Care all of ya!

(Yellowstone May 2007)

Monday, February 25, 2008


Hiya Everyone!
I have great news.... I am back to working as an Engineer here in Crawford Extra Board!!!!!!! YEA! Whew, our Lord has answered my prayers. Anyhow, we spent the day at the ranch yesterday playing in the mud. the boys rode their bike and played football in a huge puddle in front of the corral. They had a great time and got soaked head to toe....literally! Their boots are still wet! So, Grandma washed their coats and snow pants twice to get the mud out. Meggie and I just watched. WHat funny boys they are! I took pictures on my phone, but they didn't send for some reason. I will work on that so you guys can see the mess they made. We then ate spaghetti with Gma, Papa, Aunt Marisa & Uncle Ron. YUMMY! The kiddos love spaghetti. We got home had our baths and went to bed very tired! I went to work at 9:00 last night.... UGH! Jeffey was home to be with the kiddo's.

I woke up to the phone ringing, BNSF calling to notify me of the job change.... YEA! Then I realized my throat was super sore. Jeffey complained of the same. SO, I made us hot tea. He actually liked it so much that he had another two cups! Boys got off to school without dry boots.... Oh well. Can't do it all! Well, I had a pajama day with my hubby. It was nice. We are both feeling better.
After school, Uncle Ron came to town and picked up the boys to go sledding at his house. Unckie has an old hood off a pickup turned upside down and retro fitted with some handles that he pulls behind his 4 wheeler! What great fun my boys had. They love their Unckie and Auntie who then fed them pizza and hot dogs! What spoiled little dudes!

Jeffey went to work @ 7:00 tonight, and I am on the line up for tomorrow night maybe.

I am going to Rapid with my mom tomorrow. We need to get away before calving starts. My Mom is the primary calver. She is the rancher, veteraniarian, and cow whisperer. I am so proud of her! She is amazing. So, we are running away to Hobby Lobby and Target. YIppee!!!!!!!! We used to do stuff like that all of the time, before three children and 230 cows! So, we will be thinking of all of you when we are at Great Wall!

Oh, we also ordered our tickets for the Rascal Flatts/Taylor Swift concert at Cheyenne Frontier Days. I have never been to CFD. I am looking forward to that concert. I cannot remember the last one I went to. So, Have a great night! Take Care! Hugs....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Take me out to the ball game! Snow Ball 2008

Good Morning!

We went out to play...

baseball in the snow. It is a beautiful day here!

Have a good one!

Snowy Hugs,


Thursday, February 21, 2008

A nice view....

(Our view out the front window)

Good Afternoon All!

How are you guys? Where did our week go? Its thursday already??!! I somehow lost a day, or two... I have been busy with work and life. Laundry, house stuff and meetings. Chamber Meeting today, discussing the Fourth of July happenings, and ect. I am looking forward to the summer in Crawford.... it is always lots of fun! Anyhow, had a nice visit with Angie and Preston, as we took her her valentine, then Meg stayed and had lunch and played with Preston... they had lots of fun together. So cute! Then I had lunch with Kim Bean at the Deli. It wasn't bad.... in fact the chicken noodle soup was awesome! YUMMY! Meg had some hot cocoa after she stood in the corner and pooped her pants! EWWWW! What a lunch! Well, working tonight at Crawford as brakeman, as I got bumped off the Engineer job. I chose to stay here and not to drive to Alliance. Much nicer on the fuel mileage... Well, MOPS valentine dinner tonight, and I will stay as long as 5:55, as I've got to get to work. Jeffey on his way home from Gillette @ 5:00 tonight. Hope we get to see each other tomorrow. I sure miss him.... at times;) Take Care all of you!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Butterfly thoughts....

(Monarch butterfly in our backyard Oct. 2007)

Hi everyone!
I think that we are on the mend here. Meggie still has major sinus drainage, and now eye buggers! I think that she is getting better. The boys are much better and drove me crazy today whenever I tried to accomplish something....they were wrestling and fighting all day!
School won't come quick enough tomorrow!
Well, I am working the midnight shift at Crawford now. I got bumped this morn. off the 2100 job. I am just glad to work here, only a five block drive for me. I LOVE THAT! Plus, I don't miss a thing with the kiddo's. Well, I hope everyone is well at your end... enough of the sickie pookies! Take Care!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cutest Pictures

February- 2006----Siblings
Everyone better today, no fevers. Just lots of buggers :=)
Take care everyone!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sickness Continues at our home.

Meggie and Andy Oct. 07

Hiya all! Yep, Meggie and Mattey are still sick. They have these recurring fevers and constantly coughing. Meggie had the flu test on friday, and tested negative. So, I guess we will try to keep them hydrated and happy as possible. I am home tonight to care for them. Grandma & Papa were here all day to help out with the sick-o's. Thank the Lord for their help. Take Care all of you, and pray for our healing....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter Blahs!

Oh, how I long for summer....... Cold beer, hot coffee on the patio...... Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! Kids playing in the yard, good food with friends and family. Whew!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OH happy day!

Above: 3 Generations. Mommy, Gma, and Meggie.
Below: Grandma Bonnie and Meg having a tea party.

Good Morning! I am rested and ready for the day! I got off work early last night, at midnight! I was in be at 1245! YIPPEE!!! I got some great sleep, except must have snored alot, as Jeffey woke me to tell me to roll over! Sorry, Hon! I am stuffed-up?! Take Care, and more updates later today! Must gulp my coffee down and get everyone ready for school! Take Care and more later! HUGS from us!

Monday, February 11, 2008

EW?! Getting the taxes done!

My Precious Kids... All FOUR of 'em! ( Sept. 07)

Good Morning all!
Meggie is my assistant today in everything I do! She is such a great helper and "mini-me" just cracks me up. Anyhow, my DH is making me breakfast while I get the tax stuff together and the numbers crunched! UGH! Thank our LORD for giving me a cook, and the love of my life all wrapped up in one! YIPPEE! SO, anyway, tomorrow I will be going to Alliance to the tax lady. But not with out having luinch with my dearest Trish. Wonderful House Chinese- WATCH OUT! I am so hungry for chinese! And of course, for great conversation.
Well, Andy home sick today, but feeling much better. He has had a fever yesterday afternoon, so the "No fevers for 24 hours" rule comes into play for school. I hope tomorrow he is well enough for tomorrow.
Mattey got up for school no prob, I guess. I was sleeping( got off work at 4 a.m.) He walked all by himself, and he has done it in the past. He just wasn't so keen to go by himself today. Hopefully, he stays healthy.... He got his valentines stamped with a red dinosaur and signed his name (with some arguing with me). He didn't want to sign 16 times;)
Well, I think bfast is alsmost done. Smells lovely.... Sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns! My favorite right after chinese.
Take Care and have a lovely day!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yippee, I slept at night...again!

(Rare photo of Wild Bill & Calamity Jane Circa Oct. 07)

Good Morning pals! I just got up and think that it is a great thing to sleep at night in my own bed! YIPPEE! Even though Meggie slept with us. Slept pretty good with her. SHe is so snuggly, but her hair is tickly!

Anyhow, Andy is still sick this morn. with a fever. I cohersed him into taking some kids tylenol, but he cried big elephant tears before he got it down. He hates to take meds. So, we will see how the day goes with him.

Jeff layed off for computer training. He gets to do the same crap I just did on Friday....EWWWW! the BNSF's computers melted down on me six times, and six times I had to completly start over! How frustrating that was.... Anyhow, I survived, barely!

Matt and Meggie are aplaying the Wii, I guess they were going to golf! Funny Bunnies! Meggie is starting to get into the gaming thing, too. Well, I hope you all have a great Sunday! I will be taking care of "sicklies"! TTYL

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oh Saturday Morn! All is quiet!

Meggie & Mommy 9-06 - rare photo of Mommy:0)

Geeze! What a busy week! I think I blinked and it was gone! We had so many meetings and ect. this week. Matt had a Dr. appt. on thurs. concerning his meds. All is well and we will continue the meds. He is doing much better, with therapy as a huge help. He loves school and is a little artist, making me stuff everyday! Love that he is soooo creative!

Andy is busy with making his valentine box at school. I (of course) has to send some "extra" bling for him to put on his. I gave him some football and baseball papers, cut his name out on the cricut with lots of hearts too. He is such a great kiddo! Can't believe he is almost 8!
WHERE DID THE TIME GO???? I must savor these moments!

Okay, Meggie had a good week. Her words of the week are, "funny", "can't"., and "what happen?" She has added these to her sentences as needed. What a precious dolly!

We had a birthday party with Great-Gma last night, and Meg stole the show. Gma got a cute card with a puppy on the front, as Meg looked at it with Gma, she said, "Awwww" with her head tilted. What a cutie! Warmed Gma's heart..... Meggie gave mooches and "nuggles" to Auntie and Unckie and Pa Pa, too. She played tractors and cars with Grape and Unckie, too. The boys were busy visiting with Auntie! Okay, I am off to surf and answer lots of e-mails.
"nuggles" to all of you!

P.s. I am working the Helpers at 9:00 @ night. No day's off, bummer!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

holy moley!

Meggie Summer 2007

Where did the week go? Am I losing my mind? I think that I did.... Whew! Anyhow, I am working on the Crawford Helpers this next few weeks. Am enjoying not driving to work.... Anyhow, I am on the 2100 shift. so nights again. More later. Nigh Night!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh Monday, Monday!

Hey ya'll!

We had a great weekend! Or should I say, I did! On friday night, the kiddo's and Daddy-O and I had a great family night. They played the Wii into the late night, I went to bed. Super tired I was! Hadn't had much sleep due to it being my day off, and wanting to sleep at night! So, Sat. morn we got up and went to Chadron for b fast and the Wally-World trip. Yummy breakfast at Helen's and the kiddo's behaved beuatifully! WHEW! I knew that they could be good once in awhile! Funny how we think our kids are monsters all the time;) They went and looked around at the sporting goods and got the fishing itch.... Spring, where are you? WE got home and DH helped me load my van FULL of stuff to take to the cabin for our Girlfriend Get-Away. I had soooo much stuff, I had to put the back seats down! YIPES, I think I have an addiction.... at least I have a support group;) We all stayed up too late, ate too many calories, and laughed untill there we gastric noises coming out! What a night scrapping with the D.B.F. Clubbers! You know who you are!!!!!! I love you guys, and I am so glad to have so many non-judgemental friends...

Then some of us went to the movie "27 Dresses", and it was super sweet and chick flicky! I recommend it. I ate some yummy popcorn and drank a gallon of D.P. and had to go to the little girls room in the middle of the movie. I must be getting old, and can't hold my D.P.! Anyhow, got home with all my stuff and had supper with the fam. What a great weekend, despite of the Super Bowl loss.... My hubby is still whinning! Take Care!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Okay, I can write!

( Betson 2007 Christmas)

Good Morning!
I am up and at it after only 2.5 hours of sleep. I got home from work at 9:30 this morn, and then Lisa dropped Meggie off at home at noon....oUCH! I feel alittle hung over... or sleep deprived. Anyhow, just a note to let you all know that Meggie eats pbutter sandwiches now (how she says it). Pa Pa fixed a couple for her on Wed. when she was at the farm while I slept. She loved them! I hadn't been able to get her to eat sandwiches yet! So, we will be eating them more often.
The boys are busy with school and friends afterschool. Matt is doing better in school and I think he is getting better everyday with a few outburst in between.
Andy has decided he wants to bowl on the kids league on Tuesdays. I think that we can do that! He loves sports so much and he is talking nothing but footbal these days. He is looking forward to the super bowl! What a hoot. Well, I am off to shower and start my day. I will be taking Matt to Chadron for his Sppt. and then on to Wally-World! UGH! So, this weekend I will be at the cabin with my girls, and the kids will be with Daddy-O and at the farm for fun with Papa and Gma. Lucky ducks to have their grandparent so close and fun ones at that! Have a great day!

My favs.