Monday, December 28, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho, off to the ranch we go!!!!!!!!!!

YES, today we can actually make it out to the ranch!  AND we are having CHristmas with our entire crew..... Jake will be here for only two days, so we have to get 'er done today so that Jeffey will be able to come, too.  SO, here is the list:

-Make pecan and pumpkin pies.
-Gather the gifts.
-Get the sleds.
-pack up in the pickup.
-Drive to the ranch.
-Go cut Grandma's tree down with Jake passing of the saw to Andy.... (tradition of getting the tree, but now that Jake is graduating, it is Andy's duty to do the cutting.)
-Get the GIANT treee into Gma's & Papa's house.
-Decorate the tree with the TALL ladder.
-Open presents.
-EAT, DRINK, and be MERRY!

P.S. Please keep the Keane family in your prayers.....

Friday, December 25, 2009

Homespun Christmas...

Today we are having a old fashioned blizzard for an old fashioned christmas!  Yep, we are at home enjoying the kids!  It is so much fun watching them play with their new stuff, and we declared it PAJAMA DAY!  Andy is wearing his new long underarmor underwear and socks, Meggie has jeans on with her new sparkly belt, and pajama top, Matt is still in his naughty/nice pj's, Daddy-O is in his new camo pants....... me in my comfy fleece pj's! 
It is wonderful  to be at home! 
Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

My singing little birds!

The Christmas program was beautiful!  It is wonderful that Gma, Papa, Auntie, and Unckie and MJ could make it to see our kiddo's sing like little christmas birds!  It was lovely!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Too cute!

My Ma sent me this photo this morn.  We think that it is Spring of 2005.  Uncle Ron took this picture....the boys were playing in the huge mud pond in the yard at the farm.  I think that if memory serves me correctly, that they were giving each other mud facials, and surfing in the pond with their sleds.......  LOVE THIS!  I can't believe how fast they grew....... Matt got his name, "Matthew MUD Wendland" from this date.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The list:

Christmas 2005, Jake, Andy, Matt & Meggie

-Wrap all teachers gifts.
-Wrap all other gifts.
-Make a strong Morgan & Coke.....sip, sip, GULP!
-Make sugar cookies, frost with kids.
-Make gingerbread house with kids.
-Make my guy gifts..... (3 sewing projects!)
-Make my hubby's gift (sewing once again!)
-Make bracelet for Andy's "special" friend....
-Send more Christmas Cards.
-Nap, nap, nAp.......
-Put away all laundry.
-Help Andy with his cleaning of his room.
-OOOPS, time to go get Meggie.  She get's out at 11:30  today and tomorrow.....

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gearing Up!!!

Yep, it is an exciting weekend for this house.  Today, the kids are singing at the nursing home at 2:30, which Meggie and I are definately attending.  Then, Santa will be coming to the Firehall @ 5:00..... Rushing away from that, we will be headed to Chadron for the Parade of Lights.... I LOVE THAT PARADE!  Mostly because the real Santa will be at the Art Gallery.  He is a friend of our family....  He literally lives as Santa, and keeps his beard & hair year round.  He also has a custom made suit, embelished with stitching, and fur. This Santa has posed for many artists, and is a renowned artist himself.  So, when you come to my home, all the santa pictures hanging on the walls, are all "him".... Franz Brown.  See link below for prints:

On Saturday morning, Andy has a basketball game at the Armstrong @ 0900....Early morning for us.  But, Daddy-O should be home...
Tomorrow, I have a special dinner with my dear friends.....  I cannot wait!  It is sooooooo special to me!
Have a wonderful weekend!  Lot's of hugs to U!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lack of Gumption....

Yep, on Monday I had the rhysotomy.  It HURT!  LOTS, AND lots of needle pokes..... But, as of today, I am feeling better....still very sore.  I hope that this helps.  Dr. said that those nerves grow back withing 6 months to 2 years.  SO, this is not a final fix for me..... just prevent surgery a little longer.
Anyhow, Meggie and I are hanging out today.  We were going to Emil's funeral, but too cold, and I still ache.  I didn't want to stand for the service...... I will express my condolences in a more personal way to M & D.  May the Lord be with them to console and heal their hurts....
Well, have a good day, stay warm!

(photo of kids 2005)

My favs.