Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wrestler's Rule!

Saturday was our first meet of the season and it was in Chadron.  Both Andy and Matt were so excited for it!  Andy wouldn't eat breakfast because of his nerves.....
So, Andy wrestled first, and was pinned!  Darn IT!  The kid was from Chadron, and did the head lock on him, without an arm in.  This is a rule infraction.  You must have your opponants arm in the headlock as to prevent air restriction.  So, Andy thought he was dying without air~  It sucked, literally.  Andy' second match was won by points by Andy, 17 to 2 points.  Then he got a 'bye'.  So, Andy ended up with Second Place.....
Matt lost his first and second match by points.  He was never pinned!  What a tough-ie!  He lost that second match by 2 points!  Darn!  But the third and final match, Matt-Man won by 9 to 2 points!  yAhOoooo!
So, all was well, and we had a darned good time.  Jeffey was home to see the whole tourney, too. 
After wrestling, we picked up the Blundell's ( our god-cousins) and came home to have FUN!  So, the kids had a great time playing together, and learning to take turns, (Meggie).  We sure love our god-cousins! 

Friday, February 26, 2010

When WE rule the world....

'nuff said!
Have a great day!
Please continue to pray for Ang & baby...
for my precious Muffy........
and all the rest.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Rally Hat kind of day....

Mrs. Scoggan implemented "Wacky Wednesdays" at school. Each Wed. will have a theme, and this week was wacky hat day.  Matt and I couldn't think on a hat, but Andy piped right up and said, "A RALLY HAT!"  Matt agreed, so off he went to find a suitable hat. It looks goofy, and cute!  "A Rally Cap is a baseball cap worn while inside-out or in another unconventional manner by players or fans, in order to will a team into a come-from-behind rally late in the game. The Rally Cap is primarily a baseball superstition."-excerpt from Wikipedia.
I think that it was a very suitable hat for Mr. Matt, and stands for who he REALLY is......  Befitting, huh?
Love IT!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Precious moment...

Monday mornings are pure hell at this household.  Yep, kids don't want to get out of bed, or get dressed, ect. ect.  So this morning was the usual Monday.  I battled with Matt with getting himself ready... he had some grudge about sleeping in his own bed that he couldn't get past.  So, he proceeded to put his shirt on inside-out, and leave it that way.  ARGH!  "Honey, you cannot wear it that way to school!" was repeated over and over.  Then the other sibling antics started...  Andy winned because his ears hurt....blah.....blah.....  So, finally we have delivered the boys to school, and Meggie is in the backseat content with her piles of babies.  She says,"Momma, summer IS coming soon!"  I agreed.  Then, I turned to look at her, and she made me giggle.... she had a purple furry headband on, which she shoved all her hair back off her forhead making it stick straight up!  AND she had her baby in its carseat on her lap....buried under several blankets.  It was a vision of halarity!  Love her!  God had blessed me with her and her silly antics!  Thank GOODNESS!
Otherwise, I am feeling much better.  Pneumonia got me big time.... thank the Lord that my Hubs was home to help with the kids and taking care on me....  Love you sweets!  Thank you Girlies for all of your thoughts and prayers.......and diagnostic texting!
((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS 2 U))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wendland Olympics.....

This family is bound for great olympics events... 
 Both Matt and Meggie we have a great time sledding, snowboarding down our alley....  It was funny though, there was SOME FEAR.  As the neighbors big, huge dog was out.  Meggie is deathly afraid of Duchess the HUGE dog.  But our gracious neighbors tied her up so that our Princess could have a good ride without fear! 
I quickly snapped these shots and ran back to the house....*cough** cough**

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some prayers answered...

....I feel a little better.  Hubby found some Sudafed in the med. cabinet...and I took some this morning, which led to peaceful sleep.  So peaceful that I could sleep in my recliner through the ruckus of our life for about 5 hours.  It was a good thing!
Miss A. arrived and is doing well.  YEA!!!
Miss M. doing better as well as her Mama....(just needs to rest more!)
Blundell family on the mend....
Keano's on the mend...
So, we are a getting those nasty germs out of our lives!

Friday, February 19, 2010

oh pray......

k, here's the scoop:
i am sick with the worst cough, chest pain/fever i have ever had.
the kids had pink eye.
meg & matt have this horrible cough, too.
miss. m and her mama are sick,too.
mr. c has rsv.
mr. j has a bad cold.
mrs. k has a wierd lip allergy.
mrs. j has bad cough and fever.
mrs. a has to have miss a early.....
pray for all.....please?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lastly..... LoVe Week.

(Spencer B.'s hand, July '09-we were searching for heart shaped rocks in the creek.)

Okay, I stopped on day four.  OOPS!  Not feeling 100%, as I have this serious chest cold, and horrible cough.  Now, onto the finale....

5-- I cannot reminesse without mentioning my dearly departed Aunt rock, my fellow-coffee lover, my god-momma, my MOST influential person in my life besides my parents.  I love you Aunty, I miss you and I know you are watching out for me from heaven...... Thank you for everything!

6-- My Grandmas & Grandpa's, both in heaven and still alive.  I love you, and I know that I didn't appreciate you in the years past.  But, please know that I LOVE how you always are eager to listen to myself and my children ramble on.  Thank you for forging a path in this lesson of life for me......  Love you!

7-- My Besties/Bff's-  I love how you guys are never JUDGEMENTAL, and give me you honest opinions regardless of the event.  I have never realized how important all of this is until recently...... Love Ya Trish & Jess.... Thank YOU for being there for me and my family.  You are wonderful "Fairies".

Last but not least:
-- A few days ago, we recieved a valentine in the mail with no return address.....but, it was signed, "Love, GOD"!  I kid you not!  It was small, pink, and red; with a coffee cup on the front!  He know's me!  God, is good.... spread the love..........  THANK YOU GOD!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

LoVe Week Day 4...

I must say my brother and his wonderful wife!
Ron has always been my "keeper."  He keeps me safe, on solid ground, and looks out for my best interests.  I LOVE THAT!  He is a great brother, unckie, and daddy.  I am so proud of how he has turned out!  Despite the times we used to try to beat each other up :o) THANK YOU for making me tough, Bro!
I love his wife Marisa- she is so much like myself!  More laid back, crafty, kind, generous, and is a foodie! AND she gave me my precious, one-and-only niece; Miranda!  Oh how I love my baby niece!
  Love ya Maris & Ron!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LoVe Week Day 3...

I so love my parents.....
They are so precious to me.  My Mom and Dad have been my "Faithful Fans".  And continue to be my "sounding boards." 
They have taught me so much in life:  morals & values, integrity, honesty, goodness, kindness, giving of oneself, to reach my dreams and goals (and never lose sight of them!) 
They have been married for 39 years on this Friday the 12th.  They survived through many trials and tribulations throughout their marriage.  After all, they we teen-married parents!  They survived my Dad's college education, the life of a teacher, life as a railroader-being away from his family due to lay-offs and ect- and life as farmers/ranchers.  They are tough-cookies!  Thank YOU Mom and Dad for making me who I am and I am so proud to come from such great "stock"!
I Love You more than words would EVER EXPRESS!
Happy Anniversary, and Happy LoVe Day!

(Above pics are of their beloved trip to Hawaii in '08; and Christmas this year.)

P.s. See links in the past posts for others who are participating in the "LoVe Week."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LoVe Week Day 2...

My children.....
Andy- My sweet little first-born.  He is my empathatic, sweet, kind, aggressive, athletic, big brother to all.  I cannot wait to see what he does with his life, as he already has college pick out, and a plan in place at age 9.5 years!  What an achiever!  I love to watch him play all sports.....
Matt-  My sweet special second baby... who is quiet, inquisitive, kind, gentle, loves Star Wars EVERYTHING, he is the cuddle-bug of the family.  I love when he hums while he does tasks, as he is so happy!  He is my inspiration for everything, and I try to see through his eyes... his precious brown eyes.  I love you Mr. Mat!  I am so proud of you!
Megan- My beloved little girl.  She loves her puppy, her dollies, and her brothers.  She is my rock, my apprentice, my confidant, my comfort.  I love her so...... 
I thank the Lord for all of them everyday!

See the other fellow bloggers participating on the previous post....  Thank YOU Debbie for linking up!  Welcome everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's LoVe week....

Yep, let us celebrate Valentine's day all week.... starting by posting daily someone or something we cannot live without...
1. My Hubby.... he is so dear to me! He is my everyting....

p.s. turn up your speakers and dream with me about a lovely dance in a wonderful place with dear hubby...

Friday, February 5, 2010

I am a slacker!!

Yep, this week has flown by, mostly because Jeffey has been home most of it.... He took his rest days, and a personal day.  It was wonderful having him here to help with the kids.  They have been wearing on me pretty much the past two weeks.  Anyhow, we have no major plans for the weekend.  Nope, basketball is over---officially--- So, we will put all focus on wrestling.  Our first tourney is Feb 27 at Chadron.  Andy is prety excited, Matt not so much.  We will try to keep him encouraged, as it is so good for him.....   Well, I am off to workout and then work on cleaning this MESsy house.  It has gotten out of control! YIPeS!!  Take Care all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The weekend is officially over....

Yep, it is Tuesday, and we had a pretty darn good weekend.  Andy had basketball games on Saturday in Chadron.  The boys are showing great inprovements, and are making lots of progress in playing together as a team.  I was impressed!  Then after the game, Andy's buddy came to spend the night.  Which we then decided to go to the movie, "The Tooth Fairy."  It was a cute, happy movie....
Sunday, Jeffey came home from work, then we took the kids to the ranch, and then left for Rapid.  We had a great time at the Stock Show, and then shopping everwhere.... lots of looking and more walking...  Boy am I sore today!   

My favs.