Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going MIA....

( Bye Bye)

Hey ya'all! I am leaving this morning to go to Paxton. I plan on staying a few days with the kids to do some fun stuff that I did as a kid in that area. SO, I am not so sure when I will be back..... BUT, I am a text message, or call away! Take Care........ HUGS!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1000's of Words WEDNESDAY!

(Wild Morning glory @ golf course, one of my favorite wild flowers! Taken with Jeffey's new smart phone!)

Okay, I am finally sitting down to update everyone! The family had a great time in Denver for the Rockies game, but hated the traffic and tons of people! We were so happy to get home to our slower paced, slower traffic county! Anyhow, the kids convinced Grandma Bonnie to take them home with her and Grandpa on Sunday. I am so glad that they got some time to spend, bond, and make memories with their other grandparents..... so, I think that I will go get them tomorrow and stay a few days... we will see. I haven't accomplished much here on the home front. Mostly wanted to sort toys, and clean my office. The laundry has taken control OF ME, and that is what I have gotten done.

Monday, Jeffey and I played 9 rounds of golf, and I SUCKED! I think that it was because of the lack of noise and lack of lots of distractions! NO KIDDING! Jeffey decided to play another 9, while I rode along, and visited and encouraged him. It was soooooo nice! Then we came home, he got ready for work, and I got ready to go to a jewelry party. Lisa went with me, and we visited about 40 minutes, and had a few yummy snacks and cocktails. Then we headed to the Frontier for a birthday drink..... oh, how funny it is to see folks drunk on a Monday night! We were joined by Misty J. for lots of giggles, and girlie talk. Thanks Girls, I need that!

Tuesday, I worked on a photo I am getting published in horseman magazine! Yep, it is a great one of Jim Lees. Anyhow, it took lots of time to get it sent! Damn computers!

Then Mom picked me up and we went to Sbluff to get her new cow dog named Una. She is a blue heeler about 6 months old, and the owners said that she chews everything up, so she had to go. Ended up that the owners were fellow railroaders, who I have worked with! They were relieved to know that Una was going to a great home, to people they knew! Then we headed to shop for some evening cruise clothing for Ma. (They are headed on a Alaska cruise this next month....-me so jealous!-) So, we went to Maurice's, and boy they have some fab. cute fat girls stuff! We found several tops for her there! Then, we headed to Menard's to get some pond stuff for her.... she is constructing a water feature in her yard. It is sooooooo beautiful! Then we had to walk through all the plants & trees. I ogled a few trees, but didn't buy due to lack of cash flow right now. But, I got quite a few ideas brewing around my brain now... just need a strong back to execute the ideas! Anyhow, we then ended up at Target. I purchased some school jeans for Matt, and some super cute -pink glitter- shoes for Meg for less than $10 for two pairs! WOOO HOO, love bargain shopping! Then we found a few new t-shirts for the boys for the 1st day of school.... so, we are stocked! Except new tennis shoes for Andy, and the school supplies. No need for new backpacks this year, as the last year I spent a little more, and the packs sure held up.... Anyhow, we rediscovered Goodwill, too. What a fabulous treasure hunt we had! I found a half of dozen school dresses for Meg, AND her first day of school dress! YIPPEE! All for $2.00 each! Then We found some Nike, Adidas, and Husker warm ups for Andy, and Camo jacket for Matt, and some jeans, cute top, and night shirts for me! All for about $2.00 each! Man, I will be back for the treasure hunt again! I only wish that they sized their clothes better.....But, we had all the time we wanted to look through the racks! No kids or men with us! Then, we went to eat some Chinese, and then to Walmart. Mom found some black dress pants, khaki's, and loads of cute tops for cheap off the clearance rack.... She also wheeled me around in the wheelchair, as my back was KICKING my butt..... so, it was VU JA DEA. Yep, several years ago (21 years ago) Mom broke her ankle while sliding into home plate. I, then got to be her go-for-gal. I wheeled her around Pamida, all the while trying not to run her foot into something.... eventually I did. Actually it was her toes on her ouchy foot.... split those babies on a corner. Funny now, not then...... Back to the future, Ma and I got home about 11:00 last night from our adventure. It was great! It reminded me of the old days, before children, and the hectic lives that we have..... Thanks Ma, I love ya!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

HaPpY 9 th BiRtHdAy ANDY JAY!

Our A.J. is 9..... where did the time go???? Now, here is his slide show with his song that he said was his VERY favorite. We are having a party tonight for his friends and family. Then on Friday morning we are headed to Denver for a Rockies game, and some Famous Dave's BBQ Ribs! WHOOOOO HOOOO! YIPPEEEE! And Daddy-O is home right now!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, sunday.....

(Meggie and her kitten, Tinkerbell.)

Golfin' with the family!! What fun we had!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Havin' some summer FUN!

Were having so much fun with our god-cousins! Merry-go-round at the park caused a few injuries, along with the teeter toters..... and we rolled down the hill at the golf course so many times that we got sick! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

K, it will be okay?!?!?

Yesterday, we went to Rapid to visit with Dr. L. and have him fill out some paperwork so that I can get some sickness pay. He ended up doing another examination on me, and determined that we need to do another MRI, then a EMG. SO, today we are headed to Chadron for another MRI (promise not to lose my bra;)) And then back to Rapid Aug. 5th for the EMG. I think that he is worry about some nerve damage, causing the numbness in my ancle, foot and knee; in addition the the back pain I experience daily.
So, Jeffey, Dad & I went to Rapid together. We had a lovely day shopping at Lowes, Sears, Hobby Lobby, Cabelas, Sheels, and Sam's Club.... I mostly loved the Chinese for lunch, the Taco Bell taco's for supper....... YEA! Plus, I got to spend the day with my favorite big guys!
I was pretty darn tired last night, but we started watching the movie Benjamin Button. We finished it this morning, and I thought it was a sad movie..... touching, but sad-I was a bit disappointed! It will go in the mail today to NETFLIX.................
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a little piss-y!

( A friend sent this e-mail card to me!- Perfect timing!)
I have to go to Rapid tomorrow to have Dr. L fill out my sickness benefits form to draw sick-pay! He wouldn't do it over the phone, even if I was just there a week ago! ARGH! I faxed it up there a week and a half ago, and they just lost it in the shuffle. AND I forgot to mention it when I was up there last week.... must have been the stress of getting shots in the back that fogged my focus...... UGH! Guess we will just make the best of it and have some Chinese, and go to Hobby Lobby?!?!?!?!?!?!
So, I think Dad is going with me, and we will have a day of getting parts, too. I think we will try to get Haley to come over to stay with the kiddo's..... Mom is pretty tired after all the company she has had over the past month!
So, Jeffey is at work, and won't be home to go with me..... he won't be home until tomorrow noonish.....
Take Care all!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Yea! My cousins from Oregon are here to visit! And they love the country life of horses, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes and ect. SO, we have been super busy playing with them! Plus, Jeffey is home yesterday and today to play, too! They went fishing this afternoon to have some fun..... Meggie and I stayed behind to nap.....
The kids and I have been working on getting Andy moved downstairs to his new room. We got some major sorting of toys done, and some cleaning, the bed set up, and a few husker things hung up on the wall. Andy slept down there last night, but complained that it was too dark, and too cold..... so I found him a night light, and turned off the fan. We will see how tonight goes. I have a dresser to paint black for his room, too. Just need it hauled to the garage to get started on the priming/painting. I think that Matt is happy for his own room, too. I hope that it will start to teach them responsibility for their OWN THINGS! I HOPE! They are so darn ornery!
Anyhow, off to the next project, and will have some photo's, too!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catching up.....

First, I have to reflect on Michael Jackson's death. I have many memories of the Michael before he turned extremely strange. I was in 6th grade when his "Thriller" album came out. And of course every girl in the class was crazy about him. I remember staying up really late on Friday nights to watch "Friday Night Videos" at 11:30 p.m. Since we didn't have MTV out in the country, we had to be happy for our once a week fix! In fact, that album was one of the first cassettes I owned.... I think I have it somewhere! Also, I have one of those infamous "glitter gloves!" We tried to "moon walk," and dance all of his moves, too. Losing Michael is like losing the best entertainer in history.... sad, sad.
Yesterday, Jeffey drove me to Rapid to the Pain Dr. Where his staff took great care of us while waiting my turn for the shots. Then we went into the z-ray room to get the procedure done. Jeffey got to watch the whole thing! He didn't seem squeamish, either, as the Dr. had to try to several times to get the flexible needle in the correct place to administer the happy juice! YOWZER! THAT HURT! But soon, I was numb from the hip down to my foot. All done, and headed to the recovery room for yummy cookies and diet Pepsi with my hubby! Nice! About 30 minutes later, we headed home, as I was no good for shopping! We did head down to Eileen's Cookie shop to get more of those AWESOME white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.
We did get to Rapid early enough to get some shopping done before the shots. We had a nice romantic lunch a my favorite place, The Great Wall. OHHHH SOOOOO YUMMYYYYY! I am so glad that my hubby shares my love for Chinese food!
We got home, and I headed straight for my jammies and bed.... super sore back needed rest. Kiddo's jumped in with me to visit, and then I passed out! Soon, the phone rang, and Jeffey was called into work already! DAMN! He only had 24 hours off at home! UGH! Good for the paycheck(since I'm not getting one), but bad for the family life!
Today, headed to Chadron for Matt's appointment, then to the farm to visit cousins who came late last night!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reflecting back on this Fourth of July weekend....

We were super busy this year, as ALWAYS! On Friday the 3rd, Jeff got home early in the morning, then we got up and got the cleaning (me) and cooking (Jeffey) done.... as we had our annual Friends and family BBQ that evening. It was lots of fun, and Brandi & Shane brought their newest addition, Cash for us to love on. Oh, they brought tons of FANTASTIC fireworks. (thank you for sharing with us!) We (Jess, Jason, kiddo's, Debbie & her California family, Damian and Dawnee & Shultz, Ron, Marisa Jayk and Miranda, and my faithful fans, Mom & Dad) had a great time "OHHH, AHHH-ing" at the fireworks! Thank the LORD for great family and friends!
Early on the 4th, Jeffey headed to the Fire Hall to wash the firetrucks for the parade. He came home long enough to change into his uniform (super handsome) and head back to take the trucks in the parade.... Andy went with him to throw candy. Marisa and I got the Anniversary party stuff ready, then we all headed to the parade. We sat with my grandparents who have sat at the SAME place to watch the parade for 70 years. No, I am not exaggerating! They have been there EVERY year in the same spot! Funny, huh? So, we sat as a FAMILY to watch the parade.... it was nice to just watch this year, as my children and I have NEVER just watched the parade!!! We seem to always participate! Most likely we will again next year. Anyhow, it was a lovely parade, and the kids enjoyed catching candy with their newly-introduced-cousins.
Then we came home and had a lovely lunch with most of the Betson family, then had cake and ice cream in my Grandparents honor. It was a lovely afternoon, and my gparents seemed to really enjoy visiting with the family and the folks that stopped by. Jeffey left at 4:00 to prepare the fireworks display, and was gone with that until 11:00 p.m. ARGH!!!!! But, public service must be done!
Meggie & I had a nap, and then we all got ready to go to the rodeo. It was a wonderful rodeo, and the stock/cowboys were really good! We were definitely entertained! Loved the pretty girls riding with the flags, the awesome saddle bronc riders that fell into the mud, and the bull riding! WHOO HOOO! It was our favorite! Then the lights came down, and fireworks came up! It was a great display, and we were so impressed! WHOO HOO! That's our Daddy-O lighting them off! YEA! God Bless the USA!
Sunday, we spent cleaning up from the parties. We did get over to Chadron to see the new Ice Age movie with Jess and Jason & and family. It was a great movie, and the kiddo's loved it-minus Meggie. She still can't really sit still for movies. She is like her Mom, and really isn't a TV watcher. So, I took her to the potty 5 million times, coaxed her to eat her popcorn, and just wrestled her in her seat! Not fun for Mommy! Oh, well, we tried!
Last night the boys had their game in the Tournament at Chadron. They played Chadron Red, and really forgot to bring their game with them.... they didn't play as well as they did last week, and didn't have the drive, either. SO, we lost..... bummer. But Andy's buddy, Tyler got to play the winning team. So we watched them play the championship game at 8:00. Blue team beat the Red team! Tyler's team WON! WHOO HOO! It was fun to watch! Then we headed to McD's for a celebratory supper.... (UGH!)
Lights out when we got home..... Mommy really tired!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

WHOO HOO! Independence!

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania State House (now Independence Hall), approved the Declaration of Independence, severing the colonies' ties to the British Crown.

Friday, July 3, 2009

OH MY! That was a hurricane!

Last night, we were at the Rodeo doing the concessions... and it was a torrential DOWNPOUR! How miserable for the crowd and cowboys! We did pretty well with our concessions, despite the crappy weather. The boys didn't get to sell any raffle tickets, but plan for tonight, and the night of the 4th. BUMMER! We hope the weather shapes up for the remaineder of the weekend...
After we did concessions until 9:45, Lisa and the kids and I made a run for it in the rain to the Yukon, and my flip flops got stuck in the river of mud and poop! It was at least 7 inches deep with water near the concessions/restrooms! HOLY MOLEY! So, we drove to the west side of the arena, and proceeded to watch the rodeo, and have a few cocktails. VERY FUN, and very nice to visit with Lisa...... been too darn busy lately for socializing!
Anyhow, we have a BBQ tonight, then a family reunion/65th Anniversary party for my grandparents tomorrow..... Then Jeffey has the fireworks for the city to get ready for, and shoot off at the rodeo.... the kids and I will be going to the rodeo, too. So, we have a busy couple of days.... come and join us!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thriving Thursday!

(Celeste, Jennifer, myself. Taken by Ms. Ronna)

Last night we traveled to Chadron again for another tournament baseball game. AND WE WON! WHOOO HOO! We beat the Chadron Black team who has lost only one game. It was a tough go, though. AND, Matt got to play due to a precious little man J. who got mutton busted, and broke his collar bone. So, Matt made two awesome hits, and ended up making 2 points for us! We WERE SOOOO PROUD of him and his brother Andy. Andy played extremely well defensively. He threw many outs, and especially a couple to home to our pitcher Blaine, who got them out at the home plate. AWESOME! We were screaming in the stands with excitement! It was so great to see our boys play to their potential.

The last play of the game was extremely controversial to some. Andy threw the ball to Trevor L. on second base who stepped on the bag for the forced out. The umpire called it safe!?!?!? He obviously didn't see the force. THERE was a huge meeting of the minds of the coaches, umpire, and other official people near first base. Coach L. kept on the official for the correct decision, he really stuck up for our team.... so proud we were! (In the mean time, the Black team ran their players around the bases for a couple more runs-points- to our dismay!- they ended up NOT counting) So, the decision was made that the player on second was out! Game OVER! WE WON 9 to 5! Thank you LORD for the self esteem our boys just gained...... Coach L. was so proud, he was moved to tears! -

p.s. This is the song my kids LOVE right now.... so funny to hear Meggie sing, "Po, po, po, poker face!" And they are all dancing around!

Plan for the day:

-We picked up trash at the rodeo grounds..........(check)

-Clean up the house...again...toilets and ect......................

-Make some bling for the 65th Anniversary party.........

-Frost the cupcakes...........................

-Relax ?.............................. the rodeo grounds to work Concessions all evening.

My favs.