Saturday, January 22, 2011

And I'm baaaaack!

Not at 100% mind you, but back to this little fish bowl of my life.  You see, Mr. Green-Goo-Bag was in dire need of removal.... and is gone now!  Dr. took it out at about 1:00 Wednesday afternoon, then I went to recover.  It seems that I had some gas build up, which caused great distress to me!  Call me, I will give you the whole scoop! :o)
Anyhow, Ma was here with us yesterday and over night. Jeffey is here with me now watching the History channel and being my "water boy".  Meggie is trying to help, but finally fell asleep beside me on the sofa--- thank the Lord, she was quite crabby!  She is still out!
I am enjoying the peace... Andy is with a friend, Matt is with Papa and Gma.... bless their hearts for letting me have a somewhat peaceful day!
Thank YOU everyone for your well wishes and prayers! 
It is all GOOD! :o)

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