Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pickin' with my Ma....

Yep, we did the unthinkable! We entered the doors of the junk shop downtown Crawford.  Yup, we discovered some GEMS!  First, we were downtown for Tai Chi... with the gals at the Eagles.  It was fun to learn something new.  I love, LoVe, lOvE to learn new things! Anyhow, sidetracked again.... Ma and I went in to check it out.  We are pleased to announce that it is still home to the prehistoric tampons!  FOR REAL!  I am not kiddin'.  Also, Meggie had a great time looking at the mangy dolls and ect. while I found an antique child's toy cash register JUST like my Dads.  So, i bought it! :o) Then we found an awesome old register hidden away in the front covered with junk.... the owner claimed it to be the first cash register in CRAWFORD! Sheesh!  That is nifty! And, he also told us that the gi-normous bakery shelf unit on the north wall was from the FIRST bakery in Crawford built in 1888....and.... it was for sale for a measly $3K.  "Yup, it appraised for about $30K!" the owners also claimed.  Nifty bit of history we found!  We left with the feeling that there are lots of treasures really buried in that old building.... just who has the energy to dig THAT DEEP! :O)

Well, I will be crafting something wonderful soon.  Check this out:
Looks like a great project for the sofa.... the next few days while recuperating!

This register is similar to the one I purchased today!


  1. Awesome! Love the rose wreath! Glad you had a great time junkin' :)

  2. I can't wait to see the rose wreath you come up with. I've always wanted to make something like that... Will ya teach me???


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