Friday, October 30, 2009


The boys left for school in their costumes.... they looked great!
But, Meggie felt left out!  She didn't get her party yesterday at school, since school was cancelled!
So, she went and got her cape and hat on.....with her jammies!  Sponge Bob jammies.....
WHAT A HOOT we had taking photos!
Have a great day!
More pics tomorrow!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow, sNoW & MORE!

Today, I was awakend by one child needed the peanut butter opened.  THEN, 10 minutes later....
Yeppers, it was announced that school was cancelled!!!!  You would have thought it was christmas!
Now, they are out playing in it for the time being.....
I am baking, my second favorite thing to do after scrapping..... We are making cupcakes, and chocolate/white chocolate chip macadamian nut cookies..... they smell delish!  I can't wait to sample a few....
Have a great snow day all!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On mend again....can't wait to get on the mend again!

Yep, I awoke to yet another day of a sore throat!  I feel better otherwise.  As for the disogram procedure that I endured last friday, I have survived that too.  I can now wipe my own boo-tie!  I realize that is a lot of information, but this back issue causes these things to happen!  SO, this Friday I will meet will Dr. Beer again and go from there.  I know that I really am scared of surgery!  But, we need to get this resolved.
Okay, there is a huge winter storm coming to our area..... get your wood in, and batten down the hatches....I understand that we could be in for a foot or more of snow, and the wind to go with it!  WHHHOOOO Hoo!  Hopefully, everyone will be safe and warm....  good time to scrap with the girls! 
Remember, Thursday night at 6:30, we will be doing the October pages, and a cute card for $5....  Please bring your adhesive, & scissors. And your sMiLe ;)

P.s. My mom-in-law sent me the following e-mail in regards to Jeffey's B-day post:
"Hi Kids
I was just reading your Blog site and it made me cry. That is what love and being married is all about. Nothing in life is ever smooth sailing. God bless you both and I love you very much."
Mom W"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

He sick, she sick...

Yep, Jeff came home from work sick with the fever, chills and cough.  I got it this morning, sore throat, sneezing and ect.  I did make it to Andy's football game with the assistance of my Mom.....  THANK YOU MA!  Plus, I had a dicogram yesterday, and it was horribly painful!  I am still in bad pain tonight along with the fever and flu stuff.....  I pray that this stinkin' back thing gets better!  I am sick of it!
Take Care,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

My hubby is 29 years old the 23rd!  YEA!  We have been through a lot in our 12 years of marriage..... and yet we survive, together!  We met in August 1990, I was going to be a senior in high school, he was a sophmore in college.... He was so gorgeous!  Okay, he still is....  We were dating on again, off again until 1996, when he wanted to date exclusively.  Unfortunatly we were 7 hours apart from one another.  We perservered the long distant love, and got engaged......
I love you Jeffey, and we will continue trudging through this life together, beating the odds..............
HAPPY DAY Sweetheart!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One down, one to go....

Matt went to school today!  WHOOO HOO!  Two out of the three are better!  I think that I will send Meggie today.  Not sure yet.  Since we have it here at home, I don't want to spread anything.  She is not sick, she had this on her birthday weekend.
ANyhow, Andy is getting better.  He had the poops last night, along with a tummy ache.  NO FEVER!  YEA!  So, we will see about school on Thursday.
As for me, so far I am fine.  I am a hand washing freak.  So much, that I have some seriously chapped hands!  Jeffey has a horrible cough, and isn't so great.  But, he seems to be getting better.
We hope and pray that everyone is getting better!
Take Care,

(Debbie sent us another great photo, Thanks Debbie!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Under the beautiful weather

(Deb's photo from Saturday.  LOVE IT!- Thanks Debbie!)
Andy said he didn't feel well before we left for Sunday School this morning.  I didn't believe him.  By the time church was nearly over he was hot to the touch!  Yep, Andy caught a bug.  BUT, Matt wasn't far behind!  He came home and stripped his church clothes off and went to bed!  A few hours later, he was feverish too!  DAMN!  So, here we go.... medicine, 7-Up and gatorade!  ARGH!  I hate this shit so early in the season!  So, the kids and I are going to stay home and keep our germs to ourselves!
So much for enjoying the gorgeous weather!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today's the perfect weather for .......


Yep, the Crawford Flag Football Team went to Chadron to kick some bootie!
Andy scored his first touchdown, and was soooooooo happy!  He even got to play as quarterback!
We were so proud of all of the boys!  yippeee!  Unckie, Auntie, & Miranda came to watch, too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good news, and then more bad....

On Wednesday, my Dad, Meggie, and I traveled to Cheyenne to see the spine doctor.  We left at 8:00 in the morning so that we arrived about 11:30...  We were slightly lost once, but we stopped and asked for directions and found the main street where the malls, stores and ect. are.... it was funny how we kinda got lost!   Anyhow, I found the second hand children's clothing store!  Meggie and I had a great time finding her some winter clothes.  She seems to have grown out of all of her long sleeve shirts, & sweaters! So, we found tons of nearly new Gymboree, Gap & other nice brands.  I love the hunt of a great bargin!  Then we went to find the craft store, and they didn't have the paper I needed.  So, I guess plan B on that idea!
Anyhow, my dr. appointment was for 2:45, and we finally got into the exam room at 4:30.... GEEZE!  I hate waiting, and waiting.  BUT, Dr. Beer had news that we needed to proceed with a discogram.  This is when they inject dye into the disks, and try to induce pain, this is to try to pin point the pain.  Then we will talk about possible surgery, since the other routes we have tried have failed.  AND I am sick and tired of being in pain.....OUCH!!  This morning I woke up to extreme pain, and think that this is getting rediculous having to live on pain meds.  SO please pray for the proper route to be taken with this back issue of mine.  I appreciate it! 
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Symptoms of H1N1..........

What are the symptoms of swine flu?

Although uncomplicated influenza-like illness (fever, cough or sore throat) has been reported in many cases, mild respiratory illness (nasal congestion, rhinorrhea) without fever and occasional severe disease also has been reported. Other symptoms reported with swine influenza A virus infection include vomiting, diarrhea, myalgia, headache, chills, fatigue, and dyspnea. Conjunctivitis is rare, but has been reported. Severe disease (pneumonia, respiratory failure) and fatal outcomes have been reported with swine influenza A virus infection. The potential for exacerbation of underlying chronic medical conditions or invasive bacterial infection with swine influenza A virus infection should be considered.

Infectious Period

Persons with swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection should be considered potentially contagious for up to 7 days following illness onset. Persons who continue to be ill longer than 7 days after illness onset should be considered potentially contagious until symptoms have resolved. Children, especially younger children, might potentially be contagious for longer periods. The duration of infectiousness might vary by swine influenza A (H1N1) virus strain. Non-hospitalized ill persons who are a confirmed or suspected case of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection are recommended to stay at home (voluntary isolation) for at least the first 7 days after illness onset except to seek medical care.

Ode to flu season.......

Have you ever been in a morning coma?

This morning, while preparing to make coffee, I took the basket out of the pot.  Then, I got the grinder out, the beans out, and poured the beans directly into the basket.....without a filter or grinding them!  WHAT A COMA I was in......
I am headed to Chadron to the dentist, and to take Andy to see Maggie........

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Change your underwear!

"WHOOOOO! AWWWW SH*T!" Come share the Halloween spirit this year, and dress up with the rest of the gaggle of witches!
===Turn up your speakers!====

Yep, your blog underwear! It is so fun looking at all of the options..... and changing it everyday! Yippeeeeee! Headed to Chadron for Matt's appointment. Hopefully the road is good..... Anyhow, Miss Miranda is with us today, and she is a curious little fart today! She is getting into the movies, and checking them out! Funny bunny! We also have had fun singing, "Smokey the Bear".......
Please pray for B.K. she is having surgery today....

Have a wonderful "snowy" day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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WOA! It's colder today!

It is 30 degrees this morn....YUCKY! I am not ready for this kind of weather! However, we got Matt some new snow boots yesterday. His foot has grown about 3 sizes from last winter! GEEZE! So, we seem to be able to wear our coats/snowpants from last year.... (I always buy a size too big) And I got Meggie's boots on clearance last winter. Andy's boots fit, too! YEA! Now, we need to really stock up on gloves, as they seem to disappear VERY quickly at school! There must be a huge black hole up there???
I almost forgot to recommend a movie to ya'all, "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past." MR. McDreamy is in it and booooooooooy does he look SPECTACULAR!!!!!!
WHAT A HOTTTTTTTTTIIIIIEEEEE! My hubby actually watched it with me?! I know, this is a very concerning thing that he would watch a "chick" flick. Maybe he's softening up in old age?
Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday..... Damn it's cold out!

Today we are watching my Miss M.J. She is sooooo fun! We love to have her..... and I love to be a Aunt like my precious Aunt Margie was to me. It is fantastically fun! Anyhow, all are sleeping yet, and I thought that I would blog before waking them.
Andy has therapy today to help him manage his anger and temper. I hope and PRAY that it will help him figure his feelings out. He is a great kid, and loving, caring, sweet, smart, funny kid. Just can't take the teasing..... and retaliates! Please pray for us!
Jeffey has left for work. He took Meggie's birthday off, and we so enjoyed him being home. I miss him, and of course the kids do too. It is tough being a single parent to three kids 80% of the time..... I will cope, of coarse!
Have a great day, and bundle up, it's only 36 degrees!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is sad...

Meggie turned 4 yrs old today.... She was so excited to share her cake and ice cream with her friends! We made and sent out 6 invitations to her friends. And not one friend came to party with her! Of coarse Grandma and Grandpa W. came from Paxton, and they brought cousin Joel (who Meggie adores.) Grandma & Papa, Unckie and Auntie went to a wedding in Kansas.... so that was it............ so sad for her........ We had her cake and ice cream anyway.

So, then we went to the Clubhouse, had a few cocktails while the kids hit some balls.

Pretty much it..... so disappointed for her.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Baking a cake!

Miss Meggie Marie is turning four-years-old tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are working on this fab. cake!
And we make some super yummy Cranberry-pecan scones.... It smells delicious in here!
More later!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Please, please get your Mammies Grammied! It is soooooooooo important, along with self examinations! I am sure many of your hubbys would help with that test! Please keep all those fighting the battle of cancer in your prayers!
Have a great day!

My favs.