Thursday, July 31, 2008

OH happy day!

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!
You are one special chick-a-dee!

Thank you for coming into my life!
Now, let's GOLF (or scrapbook)!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ya shoulda....

Ummmm...... slept more?!?!

Yep. worked until about 2 a.m. Kids were at Lisa's, as Jeff is now assigned to the midnight job here in Crawford. So, He got off at 9 a.m. this morn. The kids and I had coffee with Lisa and Kim and came home. Andy and I are hanging out in my office trying to be quiet, and Meggie just headed for the chair for a nap..... Matt is playing the Wii. All is calm here on the home front. Looks like more work for me this afternoon..... UGH! Andy sure had a great time at VBS last night and is looking forward to tonight's.
Yep, working on planning my crafts for MOPS this year... I am getting excited for another year of fun! Are you geared up for the adventure????

I hope all of you are having a nice day!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To the dentist???

(Planner pics)
Good Mornin' Muff! **Coffee CHEERS**
Okay, Andy has another injury. Yep, fell on the sidewalk while horse playing and chipped his two front teeth. So, we are off to the dentist at noon. He says only one of them still hurts, so maybe no nerve damage.... Poor dude, life is tough!

Anyhow, supposed to be cooler today, so maybe we can golf! I sure want to. I haven't been for over a week now. Dang work gets into the way constantly!

I have been working on scrapbooking Matt's birthday now, and feel a sense of accomplishment! On ebay, I got a few items listed, too. Some stamps I don't use, some earrings, and a covered Amy Knapp Planner-sooo cute! So, busy as can be. Next I need to weed the garden, as the rain sure makes everything grow wonderfully!
Hopefully the phone won't ring to make me go to work too early!
p.s. LOVE the new background? Get yours @

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It feels like..... SUMMER!


Jeffey harvested his first cucumber! YUMMY!

I got some sand cherries off my front bush...never produced any until this year! YIPPEE!!

Okay, off to work, again!

Take Care!

Friday, July 25, 2008

OH happy day!

tHANKS FOR THE laughs!!!!!



Ever since I was little, I remember that we got so excited when our pictures came back.... in the form of slides. We popped popcorn and got our jammies on and sat down for a slide show..... still I love them! Enjoy!

Boy, what a huge busy week we have had.... okay, last Friday, Jeff's parents came to visit Andy for his birthday. He was so excited to see his cousin Connor, too. They stayed until Sunday morn. We took them to the Fort for breakfast and then to hit golf balls on Sat. morn. Jeff's mom has never hit a ball before. I coached her for a bit, and then she got the hang of it. Then we came home for preparations for the party. We had a slip and slid home made and one Ang brought. She brought a pool too. The kiddos had a great time playing in the water.... all of them from the little ones to the teens. We had fun watching and having a few cocktails. We had a nice supper of hot dogs and all the salads. (A Baseball Party) Then we wished Andy well with his cake, and then we ate the whole thing! YUM! He got some very nice gifts, too. He said that this was the "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" Glad to hear that! Then we had a fire in the fire pit, and Jess sand with Shelby! They are so darn good singing together!

Sunday Morn, we took Jeff's parents out for breakfast at the Frontier for their 40th Anniversary! Geeze, that is a long time to be married! WHEW! Then they left, and I took the kiddo's and their load of stuff to Unckies/Aunties for the day and night. Then we left for Cheyenne! The trip was fun and we had some serious laughs! It was a bonding experience for the guys, too. We (lisa & I) had a great time shopping at the CFD, and looking a tons of jewelry and purses! YIPPEE! Didn't buy any though.... bummer! We ate at the fairgrounds, too. Jeff, Heath and I had a messy sirloin steak sandwich thingy.... Lisa a gyro. YUM! But caused some caustic gas later..... TEE HEE! Then off to the concert and some beers. Our seats were a little disappointing, but we still got to see without obstructions. Anyhow, Taylor Swift was pretty good, despite the wind getting in the sound system. Rascal Flatts was AWESOME! They had lots of pyrotechnics, and stage shows in the background we really cool. We thought that it was the best concert we have ever been to! Then we fought the traffic out for find something to eat. Finally, we fell into bed around 1:30, at the rat-hole Inn. UGH! It was nasty! BUT, we were tired.

On Monday, we shopped for the sporting goods we needed for Andy's birthday present, and more goodies. We found a Once Upon A Child store, and spent some $$$ on tons of clothes for our kiddo's. (The guys sat in the pickup and waited patiently!) We are planning another trip to Cheyenne.... great shopping.... great mall..... just need to have a tee-time for the guys! Okay, we got home, and the kids we happily having a great time at Angies! She sure love out kids! Thanks GiRL! We so appreciate your help!

Finally we all fell into bed, and.................


Reality sets in.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Seen It, Done it!

Yep, we survived it!
More details later.......

Saturday, July 19, 2008


YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHOO HOO!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another bunch of pics!

Golf Girls!

(Golf DIVAS self portrait with cell phone, more pics later)

Yep, we are learning the game.... AND LOVING IT!

On Wednesday night, the entire crew went golfing; Angie and her family; Lisa and her fam; and all of us! Yep, it was a chaotic course! We had fun, and had lots of laughs.... then we went for ice cream. Yep, we decided we need to do that more often.

Yesterday morning, Angie and I went to hit some balls and work on our swing. Yep, we did improve.... that's when we decided that we need to golf (just girls), then show up our hubbys' skills... Won't they be proud????

Well, went to work at 8:30 last night and got off @ 3:00am. TIRED, yes I am! But Jeffey's family is coming today..... must try to pick up and fold the DAMN laundry AGAIN! Gosh it is a perpetual thing. I feel like a slave at times.

P.s. I got some scrappin' done! I did a few pages of Andy's second Halloween/Autumn. So dang cute! AND I made some thank you cards on the train last night with the new stamps I just got.... so much fun, and not enought supplies with me. Need to pack just a card-making tote!

Andy's party tomorrow,
then off to.....

RASCALL FLATTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2 whole DAYS! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adult night out!!!!!!!! OMG, I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HEY! Oh! Way! oh way!

(Lisa here's that picture, so innocent!)

Good Morning! Especially to Muff, I am having my coffee too! CHEERS! ;)
Last night, after taking Meggie to the pool (Boys are STILL @ Grandmas), Kim and Lisa came over for some R & R out on the patio with Jeff & I. We had a few cocktails and made popcorn. YUM! What fun we had! So great to have good friends, and good conversation! All of you are more than welcome to come and have a patio chat with Jeffey & I.... we love company!

Anyhow, I am off to the shower then to the Golf course. Meggie and I are going to hit some balls! I think then we will go and see Preston and Angie. We love to visit them, and haven't for quite some time! Jeffey is going to work.

Yesterday, we went to Walmart to pick out the shrubs, and plants they donated towards the landscaping project at the Tourist Booth. I brought all of them home.... yep, we had a van-load! So, I am nurturing them for a few weeks until the Walmart crew comes to plant them. SO, I will be needing to water them every darn day! JEEZE!

Well, I am off to accomplish some serious stuff before it gets hot! Then, I WILL be cleaning my office! Yippee!

Have a great day!
Rascall FLATTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>5 days!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Okay, I accomplished some big stuff last night!
1. Put ALL laundry away!
2. Burned the last two years photos to CD.... WHEW, up till 1:00am!!!!!

To Do:
1. Clean office.
2. Clean all bathrooms.....UGH!
3. Go to Chadron!
Okay, I am feeling full of energy, so off I goooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RASCALL FLATTS<<<<<<<<<<<< 6 DAYS!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am a golfer!

Hiya All!
After I got off work last night at 7:00, Jeffey, Meggie and I went golfin'! YEA! I had a great time and golfed pretty darn good.... I am learning! Anyhow, we had a good time together, and then came home as Jeffey was close to going to work. But, here it is morning, and no work yet. Soe we are getting ready for church. YEA! We decided to go as the boy's are at the farm with Grandma and Papa. It is much easier to go to church without them, they are too rambuncious! So, off we go. I will write more later, have a great day!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Didn't we have a great time!

(Papa on his "H", the tractor I used to drive to rake hay)

Oh, yea! I got to help with the tractor pull on the 5th of July! Brandi's dad, Jeff does all the planning and ect. I offered to help, as I know what it take to put an event together, and I really want to see the Tractor Pull succeed. This is because my dad, Mark loves his tractors. In fact, I think maybe he enjoys the tractor pull more than anything else about the 4th. He does go to the Dawes Co. fair Pull, too. SO, I wanted to help. And Brandi and I got our wish! (She maybe not as excited as myself) I got to help enter tractors with Deb. The B and I got to M.C. and keep the records. What fun I had M.C.-ing (eventhough I am partial)..... When I graduated H.S. I thought I wanted to go into broadcast journalism..... somehow, that idea diminished.... but I still love to talk! (Listening, not so good at!) Forgive me friends! Anyhow, had a great time.... Papa & Jayke both won trophies, too! Yippee! Okay, I am off to try to put my house back together, as it has had a explosion, THEN imploded! YIKES, the in laws are coming next weekend! Better start now! TTYL......................hugs............................
P.s. Are ou going to Fur Trade Days in Chadron? More info on

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yep, Stinking R.R.

(Pretty Pregnant Marisa, Unckie, Jayk

Okay, here it is Wednesday.... I haven't done much but work! I met up with Brandi, Deb, Lisa and Misty and kiddo's at the park yesterday morning. The kids had a great time playing together. Then Lisa and I got a picnic rounded up for us to eat at the park. We love picnics! Kids had more fun on the teeter toter's.... THEN, the stinking Railroad called me in to work! YIPES! I am sick of working.......... But, must keep going until the 19th. Andy's birthday, and Rascall Flatts concert that weekend. Busy, busy, busy............... Getting tired, tired, tired.

Anyhow, read a good book, "A Kiss to Remember." and started the new MOPS book that we got in the mail. It's pretty good, and a lighter MOPS read. Cute stories to inspire, on the same format as the "Chicken Soup" books. Well, off to get the kids to golf, then me to shower and then who knows.... maintenance of life????????

Take Care!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Whew! wHAT A WEEK!

Here it is the 5th of July. We are exhausted! WHEW!
Yesterday was sooooo much fun! I loved the excitement surrounding the parade..... the cool floats, the band and the tractors/fire engines(Jeffey drove a rescue unit with And in tow blowing the whistle). Pretty cool town we live in! I am proud to live here! Then we had lunch with the family, and off to the park I went to make sure things were running smoothly with the entertainment. IT WAS SO HOT, but great fun! The bands were great, the IDOL contest went without a hitch. (ANdy and Ashley won their age group with their acapella "Take me out to the ball game". The crowd seemed to enjoy the music, the horseshoes, volleyball, and beer can baseball. I then came home and had a two hour nap. I needed it! I woke with a stomach ache, and a head ache! I think I got too much heat.... I drank tons of water, but?!?! Anyhow, off to the rodeo we went! The kids had a great time playing with their friends, too. Mom & Dad went with me as Jeffey was on a fire call from about 4:00 p.m. until the time they needed to go and set up the huge fireworks at the rodeo grounds. We finally saw him about 10:00 p.m. The FIREWORKS WERE AWESOME! The committee who fund raised for them did an outstanding job! It was SPECTACULAR! The crowd seem to enjoy them.... Then we loaded up, came home to finish up the kids fireworks.... then off to bed. Everyone passed out with exhausted. Jeffey came home much later....don't remember him getting home. Well, today we have the tractor pull @ noon. Papa has two tractors entered. We hope he wins a trophy, as tractor trophies are pretty cool!
The night of the 3rd, we had a great friends/family BBQ! Many of our pals came to visit and eat great food. The Betson's were busy building our float for Aunt Myrnas Cabin, but finished up in time for fireworks.... which were AWESOME! I was so tired, after spending the day finishing stuffing the Chamber float with napkins, then getting all of the tractors, 4 wheelers to town.....gosh, having fun is exhausting! Next year, I will say NO to something! I promise!!! Thank the LORD that my hubby helps with so much of the stuff I take on...... THANKS HONEY!
Have a great weekend!
(Pictures to come later, as I didn't even get a chance to take any!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Happy 4th of July Everyone!
More Photos and complete story later....

My favs.